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About Me

Game Developer, Web Developer

I'm a developer with over 9 years of experience coding. I've made over 40 games across various game jams and hackathons, both as a solo dev and in a team, and I enjoy learning about tech. I have interests in many different areas, such as virtual reality, digital security, and IoT.


I started making games in a platform called Roblox and played around with Lua for a while. Soon enough, I discovered GameMaker and switched to it for a few years. At the same time, I started learning Java in my free time and picked up mini2Dx. Eventually, I had enough experience where I decided to try out various other tools for gamedev, like Unity, PlayCanvas, and Phaser. Today, the programs I use the most are Godot and PICO-8.

Currently, I'm doing freelance development for various projects.


I'm available in the following places: